Services Overview

We can help you!


After 7 professional development years and now 16 years of doing business, WebPros has been established in Syracuse, NY as one of the most versatile web development companies around. We have developed all of the sites you see in our portfolio as well as many hidden gems online that we were contracted to do by other local agencies.


WebPros is your all around company that can services all of your technology and marketing needs to help grow your business. We specialize in responsive web development and payment systems but also have the ability to accomplish all of your business needs.


We highly encourage you to hire us for your next custom website/payment system! We can also work with 3rd party frameworks, such as Magento, Volusion, ZenCart, and many others. Contact us if you have any questions about a new or existing site. We'd be glad to help!

Custom Web Design

Plan, Design, Program — Launch!


Custom projects are our specialty. We will develop the entire website exactly how you need it, from scratch. This avoids searching through existing code, troubleshooting 3rd party issues such as loading speed, and much easier/affordable for future upgrades.


The Process

  • We pinpoint the project scope and discuss budget/timeline.
  • Create conceptual designs. No programming is started until you give us approval.
  • Approved? Coding begins.
  • Design database structure and any payment processing scripting if needed.
  • Install our custom content management system and provide hands on training.
  • It's that simple. Project launch!


Get Paid Online — Your Way!


There are many folks out there that think their ideas cannot be brought to life due to project complexity, budget constraints, or other several other factors. Well, that's not the case. We receive frequent calls from owners telling us their disaster stories from other companies. Don't waste your time and money!


Let us build you a store front open that is open 24/7 for customers around the world. Ask us how it is going for our first custom eCommerce client - Lone Duck Outfitters. It went so well they have since launched version 2 in June 2015.



  • Instant Payment Notifications - IPNs allow us develop a checkout process, save data based on the user's session, then receive a success/failure notification instantly!
  • Custom shopping carts.
  • Inventory Management Systems - solving your issue with of stock items / backorders.
  • Credit card and eCheck payment options.
  • Automated recurring billing features.
  • Promo codes.
  • Member account features, discounts, and order history.
  • Custom HTML email notifications.
  • Secure order management system w/ packing slip print outs and update tracking info feature.
  • Much more.

Content Management Systems

What is a CMS?


WebPros will build you a content management system that is actually easy to use. We custom program each section based on your needs. Whether you need to control your entire site or just a small portion, we can do it all!


Every eCommerce website will have a custom ordering system. Some have promo codes, some don't. Some have tracking numbers for shipping, some may not ship products. You get the idea.


Project Spotlight - Sgt. Shawn M. Farrell

  • Event registration - user can add event data, pin locations to a map, create data forms for registrants, create price options (early bird registration rates included), and much more.
  • News editor - users can post news articles, photos, documents, and create custom press releases.
  • Photo and video galleries - simple as can be. Easily add/display photos and videos.
  • Scholarship applications - there are two forms for users to apply for scholarships. When information has been submitted, custom emails are sent to the site administrator as well as the applicant.

SEO / Pay Per Click / Analytics

Increase Traffic - Short Term vs. Long Term


The short term approach, a paid per click campaign. These can be done on several different web platforms - Facebook, Google and Instagram to name a few. These sites combined have billions of daily visitors and offer unique target marketing services.


Example: You can launch a campaign on Google targeting age groups, genders, locations (counties, zip codes, cities, states, and countries). Google will tell us the average potential relative searches for your business and/or what you are promoting. Each click is broken down based on your set budget amount. IT REALLY WORKS!


The long term approach, organic site optimization. This is done through clean development, relative keywords, and increased exposure of your website across the Internet. We will execute specific methods on a monthly basis for you to increase traffic. We attach analytics to track your increases and review with you on a need basis.


Google Analytics

  • Effective for both Organic & PPC visitors.
  • Reports will be sent to you automatically.
  • Some reports include geographic locations, unique/returning visitors, and how the user found you (direct, search engine, referal link).
  • User flow - this will tell us how each section the user visited and what section of your site they ended.
  • Devices - did they use mobile, tablet, or computer?
  • Live tracking - post a link to your site and watch live the # of visitors, where they are located, and which page they are interacting with. This is great for social media and email campaigns.

Corporate Branding

Logos, Banners, Slogans & Advertisements


If you do not have a brand identity, we can help get you started! We have worked with dozens of organizations throughout the years to help establish strong brand awareness.


Flexible Process

  • Establish a budget.
  • Design several concepts.
  • Several consults.
  • Fine tune and test market.
  • Launch and provide high quality vector formats.


Quick & Easy


WordPress is an easy solution for customers that may need a professional site on the fly. WordPress offers an endless amount of templates that you can choose from. Some of our WordPress projects can have just a 24 hour turnaround!



  • Endless selection of pre-made templates.
  • Lower budget / quick installation.
  • Package contains full content management system.
  • Plugin libraries are available to easily install new site features.
  • Search engine friendly.

Web Maintenance

No Time. No Problem.


Let us handle your maintenance and website updates. Most companies do not have the time and the proper experience to update their sites. We offer monthly discounted rates that you can utilize by simply sending us an email request.



  • Fresh content.
  • Simple updates completed within 24 hours.
  • Emergencies services are available outside our office hours.
  • Discounted rates - save money and do more!

Web Hosting

Choosing a Host


Over the years we have worked dozens of hosting companies, each one with pros and cons depending on the needs of your website. We have narrowed this list down to just a few, eliminating all of the troublemakers. We will host your site, make sure it is up and running, report any downtime, and check in with you each term for renewal.


PCI Compliance

  • Shared and dedicated hosting that will pass your PCI compliance scans.
  • Minimal server downtime and maintenance.
  • Fast web response.
  • Latest technology for optimal web applications.