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HANM: PayPal to Stripe Conversion

Author: Steve Vicario

Posted on: 4/13/2017

Category: Client Update


So, why did we switch Hard as Nails from PayPal to Stripe? As you are probably aware, technology can change extremely fast. Over time, more and more options are available to make our job easier and less expensive for our clients.


Recent changes in PayPal's API caused several issues that were preventing subscription based donations. Stripe made this easy with their Custom Subscriptions API. This software allowed us to customize a solution for their particular needs simply by plugging in a few lines of code. As of today, their entire website runs on Stripe.



Custom Invoice Generator

Author: Steve Vicario

Posted on: 7/14/2016

Category: Client Update


Syracuse Trivia Company has a new upgrade to their website. We built a custom event registration system several months ago. It worked so well, the company decided to have us build an online invoicing system for their clients.


This update was quick and easy to install. We added an invoice generator that sends to their clients via email. It tracks when the customer receives, views the invoice, and also notifies the admin of a successful payment.



Website Upgrade for Local Ministry

Author: Steve Vicario

Posted on: 5/17/2016

Category: Project Launch


Hard as Nails, a local ministry with national recognition continues to spread their morals and love teaching their followers, "You're Amazing."


HANM continues to inspire thousands with their Amazing Bus Tour, motivational videos like the Prayer Workout Video, and much more.


Be sure to visit their newly improved website that we built to help better their user experience from browsing articles to shopping their apparel.



Happy Cinco de Mayo celebration with a new website!

Author: Steve Vicario

Posted on: 5/5/2016

Category: Project Launch


Welcome to our new website. A website that we are very proud of. For the first time in several years, I was able to focus on the company's image and selling points that make WebPros stand out from the other developers in Syracuse.


While focusing and servicing on my clients' needs, local agency client projects, and countless nights of research to learn new technologies, we are now in a great position to offer you the best quality website. We can service any of your company needs - from setting up a wireless printer to developing the most advanced payment solutions for your business.


As our reputation continues to grow, we acquire new clients and always exceed expectations. Many of our new clients come to us previously frustrated due to the lack of experience of their previous developers to finish a project (waste of time and money).


That last 5% of every marathon project can be the toughest. I personally have suffered many nights awake just to make sure my deadlines are met - no matter what the cost. This "learn the hard way" method has taught me so much over the years and put me in a position to tackle any task, estimate time/budget with accuracy, and most importantly cut out the extra hours of learning and research so each project can be delivered in a fraction of the time.


Thank you for reading my first blog post. Keep checking for more articles about our company, clients, projects, technology, and other news around our community in Central New York.